Canapé selections

Pre-dinner canapés: we recommend a minimum of 3 per person 

Main event canapés: we recommend a minimum of 6 per person

meat selection.jpg


Mini cottage pie

Mini pepperoni stonebaked pizza

Mini chicken and bacon pie

Chicken tikka cups

BBQ pulled pork and sweetcorn relish cups


Chicken liver pâté and red onion marmalade blinis


Parma ham, mozzarella ball and basil mini skewers

Mini chicken satay skewers

Spanish meatballs

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Red velvet bread crumbed king prawns

Prawn, cream cheese and chive on pastry spoons

Smoked salmon pate and dill blinis

Smoked mackerel and baby tomato blinis

Smoked salmon and cream cheese mini vol au vents

Coconut prawns

Smoked salmon and cucmber relish bruschetta


vegetarian selection 2.jpg


Mini quiche

Mini cheese-filled croissant

Mini onion bhajis and pakoras

Orzo and tomato pasta filled pastry cup

Plum tomato, feta and basil mini skewers

Mozzarella balls and sundried tomatoes

Onion marmalade and Stilton blue cheese tartlet

Mini baked potato, sourcream and chive

Pea, spinach and ricotta arancini 

Beetroot falafel

Small dishes of olives, sundried tomatoes and balsamic onions will be served alongside all of our canapés

All prices are subject to VAT