Cakes for every possible reason!

Cake, in its many thousands of forms, has always been a popular way of socialising, celebrating, commiserating or simply enhancing the cup of tea experience! With this season's Bake Off well underway, and a whole raft of other TV viewing, magazines and websites dedicated to the subject, we can see it is not just us!

In response to the ongoing popularity of cakes, we look for any excuse to get baking and have recently enjoyed an upsurge in the number of corporate orders we get. Many of our regular customers ask us for celebration cakes but that usually means a huge tray full of decadent cupcakes with their logo on - or in their corporate colours. It's a wonderfully visual thing and creates a great deal of excitement. Staff and customers like to see you've gone to the trouble of making something with an individual touch.

We deliver cakes for corporate events but also, sometimes, just because it's Friday (or Tuesday, or any day in fact). It's an alternative (or extra) to some company's 'fish & chip' Friday! We love the traditions that some companies operate to invest in their people, make them feel appreciated and to have something different for lunch. We have heard of Friday pizza, Monday morning bacon butties, a monthly buffet (we do it all) - let us know of any quirky or fun ideas you have experienced or heard of where food is used as a staff reward, we'd love to hear.

Why not take a moment to treat your staff, boost your next Monday meeting, or just leave one on everyone's desks as a thank you? We promise it'll do amazing things for staff morale and it'll definitely make their morning cuppa that little bit more special.

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