Everyone loves a barbie!

There's an unmistakable allure of the British barbecue - whether it's the food, company, good tunes, Dad in a daft apron or the totally relaxed atmosphere we don't know but the combination is magnetic and magical. We just love the opportunity to relax with food cooked on an open fire (or gas grill!) in the most primitive way.

Part of the attraction has to be how barbecue food speaks for itself - good ingredients, simply presented. It's part of our catering culture to do this with all the food we serve but the opportunity to create a really good barbecue event is something we love to do. We pile up all the fantastic, locally sourced fresh salads, throw in some beautiful home-made coleslaws and other tasty accompaniments and top it all with the amazing meat from Paul Shum Family Butcher here in Yoxall. It's a winning combination. We also include the Just Oils and Just Crisps ranges in our spreads - beautiful dressings and 100% British crisps, all made at the family farm up the road from us. We are very lucky to have all this on the doorstep.

This year the barbecue format has proved more popular than ever with local businesses wanting to enjoy this style of celebration with staff and customers. It's probably partly to do with the informality of an outdoor party that people enjoy. It's a dress down, chilled atmosphere with very little stress to the guests. We all understand the dress code, roughly what kind of food is being presented and so expectations are easy to manage. Isn't business challenging enough without having to worry about a staff or customer event as well?


  • The most common explanation for the name is that it comes from the word 'barbacoa', which is a West Indian term for 'slow cooking over hot coals'

  • The largest barbecue had 45,000 guests and was held in Mexico

  • The longest barbecue lasted for 80 hours

  • Memphis and Kansas City BOTH claim to be the barbecue capitals of the world

  • International barbecue day is July 13th

  • National barbecue week is actually right now - 27th May to 2nd June

Talk to us about a barbecue for your business, we can supply potential dates and costs and take care of the rest for you. You don't even need to wear the daft apron.

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