The changing face of weddings


Depending on how old you are, you might remember when weddings basically went one of two ways - a church or registry office. Then afterwards you'd get together with your guests in a hotel, village hall or pub and have a 3-course dinner or buffet. It was just the way it was. The levels of 'show' depended entirely on your budget and not so much your imagination.

Nowadays it is incredibly exciting to see that, depending on the correct licences, you can get married absolutely anywhere and entertain your guests in the way that suits your personalities entirely. Budget plays a part, of course, but it's possible to have the wedding of your dreams based much more on inspired choices, thinking a little differently and maybe being adventurous in your choices.

Unusual venues in the UK include the Wookey Holes, a submarine, a disused Edwardian swimming baths (see photo), a Royal Navy Ship, London's Borough Market, a dinosaur museum and many more weird and wonderful options according to Stylist magazine. We love the variety and choice that the new licensing laws have led to.

We said no to weddings many, many years ago but our decision has been reversed by the growing trend to have wedding banquets with a difference. As we are no longer being asked for the traditional sit-down, 3-course, formal, silver service type of catering, so our interest has grown in catering with imagination and in a style that suits our ethos of sharing.

We love to cater for large groups of people - all sharing platters, banqueting tables, even wedding picnics - with lots and lots of delicious, hearty food that is designed to be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! We are catering for wedding brunches, afternoon teas, providing sharing boards, banquets by the metre, hog roasts and barbecues. It's fun, different and totally in keeping with our 'sharing' way of celebrating with food.

As with any wedding, you absolutely, 100% want all the finer details taken care of. And this is where we excel. As we've been in the business for decades we know what it takes to create the perfect day. We'll talk to you about every aspect - and whilst there are many details - you can be sure that we will have already thought of every one. Where the venue demands it, we provide all of the elements you associate with a fine spread - impeccable serving - and of course we clear it all away again afterwards.

And although we are focusing here on weddings we enjoy working with our customers on any high-end event where food is important. It's what we do best.

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