We say 'healthy', we don't say 'diet'

Our healthy sharing boards are currently one of our most popular options and that's exactly what we expect at this time of year. We choose what we include based on a number of key criteria - colour, taste and balance. We don't use low fat options and we select ingredients that taste amazing and provide nutrition with no wasted calories!

We say 'healthy' lunches and never 'diet' lunches. Our business lunches need to power business brains and keep our customers alert and productive - so we provide nourishment through freshly home-cooked and hand-prepared platters of satisfying textures that are filling and good for you!

Some of our sharing boards include meditteranean selections such as skewers, cured meats, asparagus wrapped in parma ham, salads and olives, for example. Our healthy business lunches include mini wraps, hummus and salad sticks to dip and a basket of fresh fruit. You can also mix and match our menu options to get exactly what you're looking for.

Oh and as we didn't say 'diet', why not add in some freshly baked cakes as a treat? We do like the word 'balance'!

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