Wedding catering trends for 2020

In everything we read and research, and in talking to our bridal couples, we are aware of several trends that are on the increase for 2020 and beyond (mostly because they make a lot of sense)...


Whilst knowing the provenance of our food can no longer be considered a trend as such, we believe the fine detail is becoming increasingly important. People like to know the butcher, the farmer, the baker, the field where the wheat is grown and the open space the chickens have been free-ranging in and so on.

It's not enough for us to say that we buy all our fresh produce locally - our clients like to know the name of the farm, the farmer (Jim!) and how our tiny grand daughter was welcomed and encouraged to get involved when we last visited! It's not enough to say our meat is all sourced locally, we proudly tell people it's from Paul Shum Family Butcher right here in Yoxall. We can boast that Paul knows the farm, farmer, animals and fields that have combined to yield the best quality meat for miles around.

This is the trend that we believe is emerging and will continue. It creates an extra dimension of honesty and transaparency around everything we eat.


There is little doubt that veganism is becoming more mainstream. When high-street, fast-food chains are jumping on the plant-based bandwagon you just know it is more than a fad. Who could have predicted that pretty well all of the drive-though eateries are now offering vegan options?

For our sumptuous banquets, feasts and sharing platters we have always struck a lively balance between providing vegetarian, vegan, fish and meat selections. We enjoy the variety of colour, textures, tastes and combinations that result when you bring together a cornucopia of food to share. So you could say that we have always embraced a plant-based approach, balanced with a predilection towards the shameless carnivores amongst us! Without apology, we are meat eaters with a genuine appreciation of the vegan movement!

Plant-based food is delicious, natural and colourful - why wouldn't we embrace it?


Our last prediction for 2020 is the move away from single-use plastics and other unnecessary packaging.

Our sharing platter approach supports this with a minimum of plastic used in everything we supply. Any of our trays used for corporate catering or transportation are reuseable and that's something we have long supported. It saves everyone a lot of money and it's good for the planet - win win.

Some of our platters, especially for canapé use, are rustic, wooden works of art that we love! We also use plenty of bamboo products. Our cake boxes, soup cups and sandwich boxes are all made using recyclable cardboard - and have been for years now.

We love the ethos of places like The Larder in Lichfield who supply all sorts of products freely, including crisps from our own local supplier Just Crisps. You just take your own re-useable containers, fill up and pay only for the product you are buying - genius - just like it used to be at the turn of the century! Progress, no matter how you wrap it up (excuse the pun) isn't always progress. Even the carrier bags in the supermarkets are slowly being replaced by paper in another nod back to the good old days!

These are all 'trends' that we feel are here to stay but that will really make their mark as we move into this new decade.

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