What are superfoods? And what makes them super?

Superfoods are so-called because they pack a powerful 'good for you' punch in one way or another. They might offer intensely packed nutrients or vitamins or they might purport to deliver a specific health benefit. Whatever superfoods you swear by, we look to include a range of delicious, healthy options in all of our corporate lunches.

We naturally gravitate towards superfoods because they're largely tasty and colourful. What's more, without realising it, we've probably been super powering the workforces in the Staffordshire region by feeding them so well!

Superfoods are foods — mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy — that are thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health. Blueberries, salmon, kale and acai are just a few examples of foods that have garnered the "superfood" label (Christopher Wanjek, Live Science, March 2019).

There are foods which can do all sorts of wonderful things such as aid digestion, improve skin and others that are jam-packed with goodness (which is most of those dark, leafy greens we are encouraged to consume). Some superfoods contain antioxidants which are thought to play a large part in warding off cancer. However despite the many claims of the manufacturers and nutritionists, superfoods don't carry any scientific backing that might promote a blueberry over a strawberry (for example) so it's best to approach your consumption with common sense.

Pomegranate, for example, contains ellagitannins (ellagic acid), which may have anti-cancer properties. But raspberries, which are arguably just as delicious as pomegranate seeds, also contain ellagic acid (Christopher Wanjek, Live Science, March 2019).

With our sensible heads on, our catering tends towards providing a balanced diet. Our buffet lunches have always struck a fine line between being delicious and moorish but prepared with a light touch so you don't spend the afternoon asleep!

The main superfoods (those who lead the pack) are nuts/seeds, beans/legumes, salmon, broccoli, quinoa, green tea, leafy greens, berries, eggs, kefir/yoghurt, garlic, olive oil, ginger, turmeric, avocado, mushrooms, seaweed and sweet potato.

So it's important to know that the term superfood isn't a scientific one and the marketing label doesn't give you license to eat any of them in unlimited amounts. As always, we say stick to a balanced diet and everything in moderation. Boring but true. You'll always see a varied, colourful platter from The Green Door - obviously with a sneaky superfood or two making an appearance but never at the expense of trends or fashion, just for honest to goodness taste!

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