We are delighted to be working with British Foodbox to bring you a selection of locally hand made British cheeses  - mix and match however you want and don't forget to add on grapes  to complete your cheeseboard (can be found under the soft fruits selection)


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Cheese selection
  • Joseph Heler Mature Cheddar(min 200g) - contains milk

    Joseph Heler Red Leicester(min 200g) - contains milk

    Joseph Heler Double Gloucester(min 200g) - contains milk

    Woodew Smoked cheddar(min 200g) - contains milk

    Hartlington Stilton(min 200g) - contains milk

    Orsom Breeze Brie (min 150g)- contains milk

    French Camembert(mini 250g) - contains milk

    Highland Oatcakes(min 280g) - contains gluten, milk,oats,wheat

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