Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted around small gatherings, we are excited to offer some of our Sharing platters again. The Mediterranean platter is a collection of Continental meats , cheeses, crudites, fresh & dried fruit,houmous, crackers etc   and is fantastic for small events or gatherings. Each platter has enough for 6 - 8 people and includes a Greek salad and a basket of French baguettes & pitta  breads. Additional salads available to add on.

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Mediterranean Sharing Platter for 6- 8 people

Additional Salads
  • Brie(milk)

    Blue cheese(milk)

    Cured meats

    Olives & sundried tomatoes


    Crackers(wheat, gluten)

    Pitta(wheat, gluten)

    Pretzels(wheat, gluten)

    Fresh & dried fruit


    Greek Salad(contains milk)

    Baguettes & pitta breads(contain wheat, gluten)

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