From 'Simply Eat' to 'The Green Door'

We feel the need to explain! We have recently undergone a huge transformation after many years trading as Simply Eat and A Piece of Cake. We had never paid too much attention to our brand (too busy cooking!) and so the time had come to upgrade and do something grown up about it. We have gone the whole hog - name, logo, website, stationery, email - everything!

We have a family connection and link with The Green Door and it is actually the colour of our own door! We have a sign on it that translates from Irish as 'a hundred thousand welcomes' and once you know us, you will see that we are always hosts, always welcoming and always feeding people! It seemed the right thing for us to include in our brand.

We hope you approve of the changes. Apart from the brand, our attention to detail and high standards remain the same.

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